PDF udgave (9 KB) Udenrigsudvalget (Alm. del - bilag 356) udviklingsbistand (Offentligt) Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Parliament of Denmark Dr. Laxmi Narayan Chairman Committee on External Affairs Room No. 111, Lok Sabha Parliament House - Annexe New Delhi 10 September 2004 Ref.No. 225/ars Dear Colleague, On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Lok Sabha last year, MP Svend Auken, First Deputy speaker of the Folketing, represented the Danish Parliament. It was then discussed how to strengthen the ties between our Parliaments, inter alia through exchange of visits of parliamentarians. I am pleased to inform you that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Danish Parliament is planning a visit to India during the period 3-7 November 2004 in order to acquaint itself with the many fa-ceted areas of mutual interest between India and Denmark. The Committee will be in New Delhi from 3 to 4 November. I would be grateful if a meeting could be arranged with the Standing Committee on External Affairs. I have, however, learnt that the Indian Parliament is not in session during that period. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to provide an alternative date for this visit due to the Danish Parliamentarians' obligations in the Danish Parliament. I would nevertheless appreciate if a meeting could be arranged with members that might be present in New Delhi during the indicated period. I look forward to our continued collaboration. Yours faithfully, Jann Sjursen
- 1 - c.c.: H.E. Harsh Kumar Bhasin, Ambassador        Embassy of India        Copenhagen (Løbenr. 23574)